Mens Silk Boxers - Flip

Royal Silk offers some of the best values on menís silk boxers that youíll find anywhere on this planet. Our delightful silk boxers come in vibrant colors and enticing designs. We offer a variety of unique silk fabrics. Youíll find that pure 100% silk feels light, soft and smooth like no other fabric you have ever used. And comfortable too. The three-panel construction of the shorts allows for roomy comfort. Other features include a full-sized fly front with a single button opening, mother-of pearl buttons, and an easy-fit elasticized waist. Extra button included. Lengths 16.5"-17.75" for sizes S-3XL. Inseams about 5.5Ē in all sizes. And please note that silk does not need to be dry cleaned. Silk clothing has been washed and worn for over five thousand years. Silk is easy to hand wash and it dries very quickly. With every pair you purchase, weíll tell you how to wash the silks in three quick, easy steps and in under 15 minutes. And thereís even a way to machine-wash silk boxers. We sell a Washer Bag for silks, made in the USA, in two different sizes, thatís ideal not jus for silk boxers but other delicate clothing too.
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Only silk is silk. For over five thousand years, silk clothing, fabrics, and objects have beguiled, bewitched, intrigued, excited,
fascinated, and charmed people around the world. Once only for royalty, the most powerful rulers, and A-list celebrities, silk is now
available to all. What's more is that our silks are surprisingly easy to wash and care for so that they will last for a very long time.