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Jumbo Fringed Grecian Black Silk Wrap Scarf

Men's Grecian Black Jumbo Silk Wrap Scarf
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Men's Grecian Black Jumbo Silk Wrap ScarfMen's Grecian Black Jumbo Silk Wrap ScarfMen's Grecian Black Jumbo Silk Wrap ScarfMen's Grecian Black Jumbo Silk Wrap Scarf
Silk washer
This laundry bag by Royal Silk® is a safe and effective way to machine wash and protect many types of silks and other fine washables. Washer Bag for silks. Made in USA.
Product Description
This stylistic pure silk scarf in a jumbo size is a rare find and a real beauty. For starters, it’s really large. How large? A mega-wrap-scarf-size large — about three and a half feet wide by over seven feet long. Or more precisely: 43” x 86.” This gauzy silk looks and feels like the mythic wings of a baby butterfly. It’s a thin, gauze-like, transparent silk. It’s irresistibly soft, immensely tactile, extremely practical, and supremely comfortable. Introducing lightweight Whisper Silk™ by Royal Silk®. Select from four classic, tour-worthy, all-silk flavors: Grey, Purple, Brown, Holly Green, Mellow Wine, Royal Blue, Persian White, Grecian Black, Blue Bird, and Parrot Green. The scarf features hand-made, hand-sewn fringes that are about 4.5” long on both sides. Fashioned in 100% Mulberry Silk. Imported. Hand wash or dry clean or machine mash with one of our unique, made-in-the-USA washer bags for silks, sold separately in two sizes. For this scarf, a small size washer bag will do.
Only silk is silk. For over five thousand years, silk clothing, fabrics, and objects have beguiled, bewitched, intrigued, excited,
fascinated, and charmed people around the world. Once only for royalty, the most powerful rulers, and A-list celebrities, silk is now
available to all. What's more is that our silks are surprisingly easy to wash and care for so that they will last for a very long time.