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Cool Menís Two-Pocket Silk Camp Shirt

Silk Two-Pocket Camp Shirt
Behold our edgy, short-sleeved Menís Silk Shirt. If you are looking for a fashionable menís silk camp shirt with a bold collar and a lot of cool, oomph and machismo, then this is the right silk shirt for you. The vibe is sturdy, brawny, macho and muscular, and yet with a quiet, elegant swagger. Notably ó its meticulous construction features a standout, structured, pop-up collar, plus two sharp, large pockets, and bold, large buttons. And yesóit also works as an fancy formal shirt. The silk is a hefty 80-gm woven Dupioni Silk with a rich, appealing, and handsome glow. Unlike typical silks, Dupioni Silk is definitely not a smooth, glossy, or slinky silk. Because of its woven texture, Dupioni Silk has natural, characteristic streaks and slubs as if to declare its unique silk masculinity. All in all, this comfortable silk shirt looks smart, regal, elegant and prominent. Today, Dupioni Silk is famously associated with high-end formal and entertainment wear. And before that, for hundreds of years, it was exclusively regal wear. 100% Silk from South India. With normal care, this silk shirt will last forever. Hand wash or dry clean. Or machine wash with our Made-in-USA silk laundry bag, available in two sizes, and sold separately. Available in neck sizes S (14.5"-15"), M (15.5"-15.75"), L (16"-16.5"), XL (16.75"-17.25"), 2XL (17.5"-18") to 3XL (18.5"-19"). Select from several charming colors as shown below.