Cool Menís Two-Pocket Silk Camp Shirt

Silk Two-Pocket Camp Shirt
Behold our sizzling Menís Silk Shirt. If you are looking for a beautifully made menís short-sleeved silk shirt with a bold collar and the requisite dash, cool, oomph, and style, then this is the right silk shirt for you or a loved one. The statement it makes is a blend of quiet, elegant, confident and full of mojo. Notably, the meticulous construction features a standout, structured, pop-up collar, plus two sharp, large pockets, and bold, large buttons. The silk is a textured 80-gm Dupioni Silk with a rich, appealing, and handsome sheen and glow. All in all, this is a comfortable silk shirt that looks smart, regal, elegant and sophisticated. Dupioni Silk is a popular silk in the arts and entertainment worlds. But for hundreds of years, it was exclusively regal wear for the moguls and maharajahs of the world. 100% Mulberry Silk from South India. With normal care, this silk shirt will last forever. Hand wash or dry clean. Or machine wash with our Made-in-USA silk laundry bag, available in two sizes, and sold separately. Available in neck sizes S (14.5"-15"), M (15.5"-15.75"), L (16"-16.5"), XL (16.75"-17.25"), 2XL (17.5"-18") to 3XL (18.5"-19"). For other size information, refer to our size chart. Available in five colors as shown below.


The dazzling colors of these smooth Silk Dupioni pocket squares match our Menís Silk Shirts. You will notice that pop and music celebrities often match shirts and pocket hankies in the same colors and now you can do the same effortlessly. Dynamite glow and eye-bewitching shine is what distinguishes this grouping of smooth Silk Dupioni handkerchiefs from other types of silks. Style wise, this sharp silk pocket square will deliver lots of lot of cool, oomph and machismo combined, at the same time, with quiet, elegant swagger. So this silk pocket square delivers a big punch. By weight, this silk is a hefty 80-gm woven Dupioni Silk with a rich, appealing, and handsome glow. Whatís more is that it has a smooth, woven texture, reflecting its unique silk masculinity with its large 16Ē x 16Ē square size. The larger size will allow you to show a large variety of poufs and folds of this silk handkerchief in marvelous ways. Available in five swanky, shiny colors: Black, Red, Olive Green, Burgundy, and Navy. With normal care, this superb silk hanky will last forever. Made in India. Hand wash or dry clean. Or machine wash with our Made-in-USA laundry bag for silks, available in two sizes, and sold separately on this website. You can trust Royal Silkģ. Affordable Silk Luxury since 1978.