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Women's Sleeveless Silk Shirt Blouse By Royal Silk®

Silk Sleeveless Shirt Blouse
You could say tip top. This sharp, simple, stylish, sleeveless button-down silk top by Royal Silk® is a timeless wardrobe favorite. Here it’s styled and updated in soft, shimmery, pink and yellow plaid mulberry silk. There’s sensual magic to this spellbinding pink and yellow color combination. And what makes this simple, suave shirt blouse even more appealing is its versatility and its quick-and-easy wearability. Stylistically, it’s modernized with a bold, large collar, the kind that you can easily tuck over a jacket and look relevant with a touch of class. Refined with Mother-of-Pearl buttons. 100% Silk. Imported. Sizes XS to 2XL. Mulberry Silk can be easily and quickly washed by hand, instructions are included, or machine washed with the use of our made-in-USA Silk Washer Bag, available in two sizes and purchased separately. This style is also available in other variations.