Silk Wonders

Silk Wonders
Only silk is silk. For over five thousand years, silk clothing, fabrics, and objects have beguiled, bedazzled, bewitched, excited, fascinated, and charmed people, high and low, all around the world. In ancient times, silk was exclusively worn by the most powerful potentates, kings, queens, and sovereign rulers. Over time, silk became coveted by the privileged A-list elites, artists, glitterati, celebrities, fashionistas, trend-makers, social-climbers, and status-seekers. And now Royal Silk makes silks affordable for you.

Believe it or not, between the 1890s and 1940s, America was the world’s largest buyer of silks. Affordable silks were available to the average male and female consumer. The demand for all kinds of silks, especially silk stockings, was huge. Ships laden with tons of silks from China and Japan would arrive almost daily in the docks of Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver. The prized loads of silk would then make their way on special, highly-guarded, transcontinental “silk trains” destined for the silk mills and workshops of New York and New Jersey. During this era, silks were regularly featured in the popular culture, in the arts, on stage, on screen, seen on mobsters and on politicians alike. While silk stockings were the rage, to be sure, there were many other sought-after silks, such as: silk dresses, silk costumes, silk gowns, silk robes, silk blouses, silk lingerie, silk underwear, silk scarves, silk coats, silk suits, silk shirts, silk trousers, silk boxers, silk hats, silk ties, silk bowties, silk bandannas, silk handkerchiefs, silk bows, silk sheets, silk pillows, and, of course, silk pajamas. And that’s still a partial list of popular silk products that reigned in the five decades leading up the 1940s. World War Two pretty much ended the imports of silk from the Orient. Before long, nylon stockings were replacing silk stockings and affordable silks became all but forgotten, a thing of the past, and soon very pricy and out of reach for the average person.

Since the late 1970s, the Royal Silk® brand has been committed to enriching the lives of everyday aspiring consumers by providing high-quality silk products at reasonable and affordable prices. Although we are based in the United States, in Princeton, New Jersey, our products reach the world. Our devotion to high-quality affordability continues to this day. As part of this commitment, and with this website,, we strive to introduce you to sensational silk finds that are surprisingly wearable, colorful, tactile, unique, unusual, thrilling, unforgettable, sensorial, sometimes seemingly ordinary, and yet always desirable and affordable. And if you are reading this, from anywhere in this world, and you have a creative, artistic or design idea for silk, or you yourself are the creator, we invite you to please contact us..

Hand-made, Hand-loomed 70” Silk Mesh Scarves, $36 to $45

These unique handloom Silk Mesh scarves are hand-made of Tussar Silk, which is produced in the wild forests of West Bengal, India. For hundreds of years, the silk-weaving of Tussar Silk has been mostly tended to by the native tribal people of West Bengal forests. As such, Tussar Silk from West Bengal is designated as a genuine “forest product.” When comparing silks, Tussar Silk is not to be confused with the commonly sold Mulberry Silk. Notably, Tussar Silk is a somewhat coarser and heavier, jungle version of silk that is prized for its rich, textured colors and its natural, subdued sheen. In the plain color variety, Tussar Silk is valued for the distinctness of its naturally organic, glistening golden threads. But when woven in mixed colors, as is the case here, Tussar Silk is unpretentiously sensual, stylistic, beautiful, poetic and polychromatic. Our Tussar Silk Mesh scarves are about 70” long and come in two widths. The thinner ones are fringed and about 9.5” in width. The wider ones are fringeless and about 19” in width. 100% Silk. Recommend hand wash. Or to machine wash, use our Washer Bag for silks, sold separately. Authentically hand-made in India for Royal Silk®.


Remarkable pair of silk bra pads. Will provide instant relief, utter comfort, and natural hygiene. Why didn’t we think of these first? We actually did. Introducing the first-of-its-kind Silk Bra Pads by Royal Silk® that are quick and easy to use, as well as simple and sensible to wear. These no-fuss 5” x 5” rounded silk squares fit and sit easily and comfortably within almost any type of a bra. We use two layers of genuine, high-quality Satin Silk to create these bra pads with a lush cushiony feel and a smooth, delicate touch. The soft, creamy Satin Silk is soothing and gentle to the skin like no other fabric is. Our Silk Bra Pads will prevent itching, chafing and scraping. How wonderful is that? And, silk is known for its ability to wick away sweat and perspiration without feeling clammy. Our Silk Bra Pads do that as well. How nice is that? Also good to know is that pure silk, which consists mostly of protein, is naturally hygienic and anti-bacterial. Best of all, the Silk Bra Pads are washable and reusable. Easy to hand wash and will dry quickly. Generally, ironing is not needed. Select from four color choices: Cream, Beige, Black and Brown. Affordably priced. The Silk Bra Pads were lovingly designed and created in the USA, in Princeton, New Jersey. And made in India for Royal Silk®. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can always trust Royal Silk®, America’s silk shop since 1978.

Modern American Art Series - Men's Silk Boxers - Graffiti Art By Crash for Royal Silk ©

Enjoy the awe and power of razzle-dazzle graffiti design with this pair of smooth silk boxer shorts by Crash for Royal Silk®. This remarkable pair of silk boxers shows masterful use of funky, spunky, colorful pop-graffiti art. Also noteworthy about these unique modern art boxers is the way they reveal how natural silk radiates incredible colors so incredibly. Lush, mid-weight India silk. 100% Silk. Imported. Waist sizes: S (30-32"), M (33-34"), L (35-36"), XL (37-38"), and 2XL (39-40"). Hand wash or dry clean. This pair of boxers can be safely machine-washed using our specialized Royal Silk laundry bag for silks, made in USA, and separately purchased. Graffiti Silk boxers, $49 each.

The featured graffiti design is by artist CRASH (a/k/a John Matos), who was born and raised in uptown New York City, in the Bronx. At the age of 13, young Crash began “bombing” his bright, vivid colors and eye-catching designs at the train yards and on the subway train cars. These trains circulated all around New York City. And thus began CRASH’s rebel art career. By the 80s, CRASH had launched and influenced the ground-breaking graffiti movement that has remained very active through today. He continues to work and show both locally and internationally.

Fine Hand-Embroidered Taffeta Silk Pocket Squares, $20.00

Superbly-crafted, magnificent, hand-embroidered silk handkerchiefs by Royal Silk® in a series of authentic Bengal folk designs. The sides are hand-hemmed. To appreciate the full impact of the aesthetics and the beauty of these handsome handkerchiefs, we invite you to look at multiple images of each style, in particular the images that show the entire square. You are sure to be dazzled by the artisanal simplicity and the richness of each square. The Golden Beige Glitter Beads style especially stands out due to its fine beads and golden sparkle. The hand-made designs that you see are native to the state of West Bengal in India. The motifs are embroidered by hand on heavyweight 140-gm Silk Taffeta that has a crisp hand and a majestic sheen. The embroidery thread is a fine blend of polyester and cotton. Hand-hemmed. The material is 100% Silk. Imported. About 17 inches square.

Silk Paint Cloth – 25-35$

Large 43” white ivory square silk canvas by Royal Silk® for artists, painters, and hobbyists. In two silks: crisp, medium-weight Taffeta Silk with a nice natural shimmer and light weight Mulberry Silk with a beautiful natural sheen. This large square silk cloth has finished edges and can be used to color, to dye, to paint, to illustrate, and anything else you can think of.

Silk Cotton Beanie, all natural silk and cotton, $30

Popular Himalayan-inspired silk/cotton ski hat by Royal Silk®. Comfortably warm, silk-soft, and itch-proof. Suitable for both men and women. Stylish all year round. Exclusively ours. Select blend of 75% silk and 25% cotton. Maroon. One size fits all.

Set of 3 Silk Wipes for Lenses, Phone & Tablet Screens, Eyepieces, Glass, and Other Sensitive Surfaces, $9

Did you know that pure silk is the most ideal cloth to clean fine optical lenses, camera lenses, CD’s, eyewear, and all those little screens on cell phones and other digital devices. This is because pure silk is by far the softest natural fabric and it will not leave hairline scratches on sensitive surface materials. Silk Wipes by Royal Silk come in a set of three colors, and each is about 8" square or 5"x6". Washable. Imported. You won’t find these utilitarian silks anywhere else.

Jumbo Fringed Silk Metro Scarf

This stylistic pure silk scarf in a jumbo size is a rare find. For starters, it’s really large. How large? Like a huge wrap scarf — say three and a half feet by a little over seven feet or more precisely: 43” x 86.” This silk will feel like the gentle wings of a baby butterfly. It’s a thin, gauze-like, transparent silk that is irresistibly soft, immensely tactile, and sublimely comfortable. Introducing Whisper Silk™ by Royal Silk®. Select from four classic, tour-worthy, all-silk tones: Persian White, Grecian Black, Blue Bird, and Parrot Green. The scarf features hand-made, hand-sewn fringes that are about 4.5” long on either side. Made of 100% Mulberry Silk. Imported. Hand wash or dry clean or machine mash with one of our unique, made-in-the-USA washer bag for silks, sold separately in two sizes. For this scarf, a small size washer bag will do.

Polka Dot Print Royal Silk Aviator Scarf - 3 Colors

You would be in good company if you owned one or more of these handsome silk scarfs. Prior to the First World War, circa 1900, if you were a wealthy gentleman member of the British “upper class,” you often owned several of these essential, de rigueur silk scarfs. Such a silk scarf was a highly popular and fashionable accessory that had to be had — no if’s, and’s, or but’s.

Turns out that due to the high costs of basic flight training, many of these wealthy British upper-class-men became airplane pilots for the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). Sensibly the adventurous flight volunteers brought along their silk scarfs for the military service. As “eyes in the skies,” the air crews flew in open cockpits in very cold conditions at altitudes of up to 15,000 ft. The First War in the Air was a chilly, rainy, grueling, terrifying, and highly dangerous affair.

The silk scarf solved some of the aerial problems quite nicely. Pure silk wrapped tightly around the neck, unlike wool or cotton, prevented the rough collar of the leather flight jacket from chafing and damaging the skin. This was a considerable problem because the pilot and observer were constantly cycling and scanning the sky through 360 degree turns. Because the silk was soft, smooth, lightweight, durable, and compact, it facilitated ease of neck movement and twisty vision. Moreover, the silk scarf prevented the high-altitude, icy drafts from creeping down through the neck into the body and feet.

There were other uses for the silk as well. For example, it was used as a cleaning wipe for the rain or condensation on the crews’ air goggles and instruments. And sometimes the flyers would use the scarf to swish the specks of sputtering oil that landed on their faces from primitive engine designs. At other times the silk scarf served as a dashing and stylish accessory that helped to establish a unique esprit de corps for the splendid, flying gentlemen of the First World War. Not long after, the silk aviator scarf became a standard issue as flight and naval gear in many global militaries and a desirable, sought-after fashion accessory for the rest of the world.

Our Polka Print Royal Silk Aviator Scarf is fashioned in a twin layer of Mulberry Silk and detailed with soft, hand-made self-fringes on both ends. The touch and feel of this Mulberry Silk is soft, plush, and delectable. 100% Silk. The silk aviator scarf measures 8” x 60.” Imported. Hand wash or dry clean or machine wash with use of our washer bag for silks, sold separately in two sizes. Select from three polka dot prints: Black, White, and Burgundy. $39

Polka Dot Silk Tie Scarfs in Pure Mulberry Silk

A more splendid and impressive silk scarf, at this price, you will not find. Even if you searched and looked high and low, anywhere and everywhere, you wouldn’t find a superb scarf such as this. What makes this soft, stylish silk scarf especially desirable is its versatility and practicality. The touch and feel of this Mulberry Silk is plush and delectable. And if you are the fidgety type, you can try gliding your fingers from end to end, and you’ll have a nice, calming sensation.

The classic polka dot design is cool, simple and elegant. It can be worn with almost any type of outfit. It can be worn from the boardroom to the bedroom and never feel out of place. You can wear it all twelve months of the year. And chances are that you’ll wear it forever and be very happy with it. With proper care, it will easily last a life time. $22 We stock it in black and in white. It measures 8 inches by 60 inches and features triangular ends. Quantities are limited.


These out of sight Silk Bra Liners by Royal Silk® are quick and easy to use, as well as simple and sensible to wear. The no-fuss 5” x 5” rounded silk squares fit and sit easily and comfortably within almost any type of a bra. We use two layers of genuine Satin Silk to create a bra liner with a lush cushiony feel and touch. The soft, creamy, high-quality Satin Silk is soothing and gentle to the skin like no other fabric is. Our unique Silk Bra Liner will prevent itching, chafing and scraping. How wonderful is that? Plus, authentic silk is known for its ability to wick away sweat and perspiration without feeling clammy, and our Silk Bra Liners do that as well. How nice is that? Also good to know is that pure silk, which consists mostly of protein, is naturally hygienic. Best of all, the Silk Bra Liner is reusable. It is easy to hand wash and it dries quickly. Generally, ironing is not needed. Available in four colors: Cream, Beige, Black and Brown. Affordably priced? For sure. The Silk Bra Liner was lovingly designed and created in the USA with an emphasis on comfort, simplicity and practicality. And made in India for Royal Silk®. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. And you can always trust Royal Silk®, America’s silk merchant since 1978.