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Pure Silk Bandanas

Silk Bandanas


Yes, this all-weather American Classic is a superb hygienic multitasker. It prevents chafing. It guards from sunburn. It protects from dust, microbes, bacteria and air pollutants. Colorful solid silk bandanas by Royal Silk® are practical, fashionable, comfortable, and versatile. Sized 23” by 23,” they can be worn on the head, neck or the face. Used for hundreds of years throughout the world, the simple, square, straightforward bandana is probably the most popular, stylish and essential wardrobe accessory of all times. In the modern American culture, the iconic bandana has been associated with a dramatic cast of characters, notably: pirates, sailors, warriors, rebels, adventurers, explorers, mountaineers, pilots, farmers, miners, ranchers, cowboys, native American Indians, gang members, bikers, rappers, 50s Hollywood actresses, the LGBT community, and the list goes on and on. Our bandanas are authentically 100% Silk and made of mid-weight, yarn-dyed Indian Mulberry Silk that will last you a lifetime. What’s more is that on human skin and body, the soft touch of silk feels much better than any other natural or synthetic fabric. Moreover, silk is fairly easy to wash, dry, and iron. Each silk bandana comes with easy wash and care instructions. Made in India for Royal Silk®.

Madras Plaid Silk Bandana - 26"

This simple yet alluring beige black silk plaid bandana aces it. It’s smart, classic cool, elegant and sophisticated. It’s sharp. It’s handsome. It has a sheen of gold. It’s for all seasons and all reasons. It will warm you. It will cool you. Its wick-ability is the highest of any fabric.