23" Silk Bandana Face Mask, $22


Just recently, the CDC suggested the use of bandanas and scarves during the face mask shortage. A little known fact: silk bandanas and scarves have actually been used as face masks and face covers for hundreds of years. Silk bandanas are iconic fashion stapes worn both by men and women. Ours are authentically 100% Silk and made of mid-weight, yarn-dyed Indian Mulberry Silk that will last you a lifetime. Sized 23” by 23,” Royal Silk® bandanas are large enough for any adult and, in fact, larger than most cotton and polyester ones sold in stores. Besides, on human skin, pure luxurious silk feels 100 times better than ordinary cotton or polyester. Folded diagonally across in half, the silk bandana will give you two layers of protection. Moreover, silk is fairly easy to wash, dry, and iron. Each silk bandana comes with simple wash and care instructions. Best of all, you can select from 16 highly-wearable solid silk colors. Affordably priced at $22 each. (For children and young adults, we recommend our Silk Zinger pocket squares that are sized 16” x 16” and priced at $10 each and these too come in loads of Royal Silk colors.)
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Only silk is silk. For over five thousand years, silk clothing, fabrics, and objects have beguiled, bewitched, intrigued, excited,
fascinated, and charmed people around the world. Once only for royalty, the most powerful rulers, and A-list celebrities, silk is now
available to all. What's more is that our silks are surprisingly easy to wash and care for so that they will last for a very long time.