Elegant Men’s Silk Scarves by Royal Silk

Silk Scarves for Men

Extra Long Royal Silk Aviator Scarf - 8" by 72" - Double Layer Silk Satin, $42

Suave and elegant. This long sleek, stylish, all-purpose, all-season Royal Silk Aviator Scarf has been an unrivaled fashion favorite with high-flyers of every era — acclaimed and cherished by both men and women. It is twelve inches longer than our regular sized, best-selling Aviator Scarf. Soft, smooth, and supple, this satin silk scarf is amazingly comfortable, versatile and functional. It will serve you well day in and day out and all year round. You will find that satin silk is surprisingly warm in cold weather and gracefully cool in warm weather. This creamy satin silk scarf is beautifully double-layered and crafted on both ends with handmade fringes. Satin silk washes well and is easy to care for. It will last you many, many years. Imported. 100% Silk. Sized 8" by 72". Available in the colors shown below. Washable.

Long Mulberry Silk Scarf, 14" x 72"

This classic long silk scarf by Royal Silk® will deliver grace, style, charm and elegance as quickly as you can say Wow! Then see the price and it’s a double Wow! Easy to carry, easy to pack, easy to wash, and easy to wear in at least a 100 different ways — and always sure to impress. This remarkable, dashing silk scarf does not discriminate and it knows no gender. And stylistically, the color Black never goes out of fashion, and the color White is always pure class. Plus this long silk scarf can be comfortably worn all year long in every type of weather. It will deliver warmth, coolness, and tenderness in equal measure. And it will prevent chafing. Made of superb, light-weight 50-gm Mulberry Silk that will last you a lifetime. Sized 14” by 72”. 100% Washable India Silk that is soft, shiny, gentle and supple. We recommend hand-washing – it’s quick and it’s easy and we tell you how. Or you can machine wash this silk with use of our exclusive laundry bag for silks, in two sizes, that is made in the USA, and purchased separately.

Cashmere & Silk Neck Scarf, $30

Enjoy the incredible softness of silk combined with the genuine warmth of cashmere wool. Smart, sophisticated, and stylish, this nifty neck scarf is suitable for men, women, and adolescents of every age. You would be surprised at how effective it is during a wave of chill. What's more - it is easily tuckable. One side is a premium blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk, also known and prized as silk pashmina - so soft, light, and pure that it will never pill. The other side is beautifully lined with pure India silk in a matching color. Sized 6" by 40". Washable - comes with instructions. Select from six classic colors. Hand-made fringes on both ends of the scarf.

Long Satin Silk Opera Scarf, $45

Stylish and elegant, this Opera Scarf by Royal Silk® is handcrafted in creamy satin silk. It is soft, light, cool, and graceful. No other fabric beats natural 100% silk for softness, smoothness, warmth, feel and touch. The quality of the silk satin is such that it provides superior comfort both in cold weather and hot weather. You will find it versatile, durable, and long-lasting. You will also find that it makes a nice, memorable gift. It measures about 14” x 70” (and about 6” longer with the fringes). Washable satin silk. Red, Black, Off-White.

Dashing Silk Aviator Scarf, $35

This sleek, stylish, all-purpose, all-season silk aviator scarf has been a knockout favorite with high-flyers of every era — acclaimed and desired equally by men and women. Soft, smooth, and supple, this silk scarf is amazingly comfortable, versatile and functional. It will serve you well day in and day out and all year round as well. You will find that the silk is surprisingly warm in cold weather and gracefully cool in warm weather. Styled in lightweight India silk that is beautifully double-layered and crafted on both ends with handmade fringes. India silk washes well and will last many, many years. Hand wash or dry clean. Imported. Sized 8" by 60" in twin layers. Available in classic White, Red, and Black. Inquire about other colors; we have a big selection.

Long Silk Cashmere Scarf, $35

Enjoy the incredible warmth of silk combined with genuine cashmere. Suitable for men, women, and children. This long, lightweight scarf is a hand-spun blend of 30% silk and 70% cashmere wool, also known as silk pashmina. 8" x 72". Select from three colors: Black, Pink, and Navy.

Classy Polka Dot Silk Aviator Scarf, $42

You would be in good company if you owned one or more of these handsome silk scarfs. Prior to the First World War, circa 1900, if you were a wealthy gentleman member of the British “upper class,” you often owned several of these essential, de rigueur silk scarfs. Such a silk scarf was a highly popular and fashionable accessory that had to be had — no if’s, and’s, or but’s.

Turns out that due to the high costs of basic flight training, many of these wealthy British upper-class-men became airplane pilots for the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). Sensibly the adventurous flight volunteers brought along their silk scarfs for the military service. As “eyes in the skies,” the air crews flew in open cockpits in very cold conditions at altitudes of up to 15,000 ft. The First War in the Air was a chilly, rainy, grueling, terrifying, and highly dangerous affair.

The silk scarf solved some of the aerial problems quite nicely. Pure silk wrapped tightly around the neck, unlike wool or cotton, prevented the rough collar of the leather flight jacket from chafing and damaging the skin. This was a considerable problem because the pilot and observer were constantly cycling and scanning the sky through 360 degree turns. Because the silk was soft, smooth, lightweight, durable, and compact, it facilitated ease of neck movement and twisty vision. Moreover, the silk scarf prevented the high-altitude, icy drafts from creeping down through the neck into the body and feet.

There were other uses for the silk as well. For example, it was used as a cleaning wipe for the rain or condensation on the crews’ air goggles and instruments. And sometimes the flyers would use the scarf to swish the specks of sputtering oil that landed on their faces from primitive engine designs. At other times the silk scarf served as a dashing and stylish accessory that helped to establish a unique esprit de corps for the splendid, flying gentlemen of the First World War. Not long after, the silk aviator scarf became a standard issue as flight and naval gear in many global militaries and a desirable, sought-after fashion accessory for the rest of the world.

Our Polka Print Royal Silk Aviator Scarf is fashioned in a twin layer of Mulberry Silk and detailed with soft, hand-made self-fringes on both ends. The touch and feel of this Mulberry Silk is soft, plush, and delectable. 100% Silk. The silk aviator scarf measures 8” x 60.” Imported. Hand wash or dry clean or machine wash with use of our washer bag for silks, sold separately in two sizes. Select from three polka dot prints: Black, White, and Burgundy.

Polka Dot Silk Tie Scarfs in Pure Mulberry Silk, $30

A more splendid and impressive silk scarf, at this price, you will not find. Even if you searched and looked high and low, anywhere and everywhere, you wouldn’t find a superb scarf such as this. What makes this soft, stylish silk scarf especially desirable is its versatility and practicality. The touch and feel of this Mulberry Silk is plush and delectable. And if you are the fidgety type, you can try gliding your fingers from end to end, and you’ll have a nice, calming sensation.

Jumbo Fringed Silk Wrap Scarf, $48

This stylistic pure silk scarf in a jumbo size is a rare find and a real beauty. For starters, it’s really large. How large? A mega-wrap-scarf-size large — about three and a half feet wide by over seven feet long. Or more precisely: 43” x 86.” This gauzy silk looks and feels like the mythic wings of a baby butterfly. It’s a thin, gauze-like, transparent silk. It’s irresistibly soft, immensely tactile, extremely practical, and supremely comfortable. Introducing lightweight Whisper Silk™ by Royal Silk®. Select from four classic, tour-worthy, all-silk flavors: Grey, Purple, Brown, Holly Green, Mellow Wine, Royal Blue, Persian White, Grecian Black, Blue Bird, and Parrot Green. The scarf features hand-made, hand-sewn fringes that are about 4.5” long on both sides. Fashioned in 100% Mulberry Silk. Imported. Hand wash or dry clean or machine mash with one of our unique, made-in-the-USA washer bags for silks, sold separately in two sizes. For this scarf, a small size washer bag will do.