Silk Dollar Men's Boxers by Royal Silk

Silk Dollar Men's Boxers
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Silk washer
This laundry bag by Royal Silk® is a safe and effective way to machine wash and protect many types of silks and other fine washables. Washer Bag for silks. Made in USA.
Black Silk Hearts Men's Boxers
Express your love and affection with this lovely pair of soft, light, silky-smooth silk heart boxers for men. In this case, dazzling ruby red hearts framed by a ground of black silk. These well-made Royal Silk® boxers are fit for a monarch but affordably priced for just about anyone.
Silk Aloha Men's Boxers
A dazzling sensory delight styled in pure silk crème de la crème. Men’s Royal Silk boxers made of luxury satin silk. With just one light stroke and It’s ooh-la-lah! Sensational touch! And what a touch!
Product Description
Want to feel cool, rich, powerful, and successful? Why not? It's your life. So live it up. This uplifting pair of soft, silky-smooth, light-weave silk boxers for men is distinctively patterned with $100 and $500 U.S. currency notes in tones of green and black. So why settle for polys and blends when you can have pure 100% silk? These dollar-inspired silk boxers are fit for movers and shakers but affordably priced for all. Fashioned in light, soft, and smooth Mulberry silk of 60gm weight. For waist sizes: S (30-32"), M (33-34"), L (35-36"), XL (37-38"), 2XL (39-40"), and 3XL (41-42"). Full cut length of 16.5"-17.75" for sizes S-3XL. Inseams are about 5.5" for all sizes. 100% Silk. Imported. Hand wash or dry clean. This pair of boxers may also be safely machine-washed using a Laundry Bag for Silks by Royal Silk® (Made in USA) that is available in two sizes and purchased separately. Silk Dollar boxers.