Fringed Beige Silk Mesh Scarf , $36

Fringed Beige Silk Mesh Scarf
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Fringed Beige Silk Mesh ScarfFringed Beige Silk Mesh ScarfFringed Beige Silk Mesh Scarf
Product Description
This long, genteel, earthy Beige Silk Mesh Scarf is simply spectacular. Hard to believe is the fact that this unique hand-loomed Silk Mesh scarf is hand-made of Tussar Silk, which is produced in the wild forests of West Bengal, India. For hundreds of years, the silk-weaving of Tussar Silk has been mostly tended to by the native tribal people of West Bengal forests. As such, Tussar Silk from West Bengal is designated as a genuine “forest product.” When comparing silks, Tussar Silk is not to be confused with the commonly sold, lighter-weight Mulberry Silk. Notably, Tussar Silk is a somewhat coarser and heavier, a sort of jungle version of silk that is prized for its rich, textured colors and its natural, subdued sheen. In the plain color variety, Tussar Silk is valued for the distinctness of its naturally organic, glistening golden threads. But when woven in mixed colors, as is the case here, Tussar Silk is unpretentiously sensual, stylistic, beautiful, poetic and polychromatic. This fringed Beige Silk Mesh scarf is about 70” long and about 9.5” in width. 100% Silk. Recommend hand wash. Or to machine wash, use our Washer Bag for silks, sold separately. Authentically hand-made in India for Royal Silk®.