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Dark Grey Extra Long Silk Aviator Scarf - Soft, Sleek, Stylish, Genuine 2L Satin Silk

Dark Grey Extra Long Silk Aviator Scarf
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Silk washer
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Product Description
Suave and elegant. This long sleek, stylish, all-purpose, all-season Royal Silk Aviator Scarf has been an unrivaled fashion favorite with high-flyers of every era — acclaimed and cherished by both men and women. It is twelve inches longer than our regular sized, best-selling Aviator Scarf. Soft, smooth, and supple, this satin silk scarf is amazingly comfortable, versatile and functional. It will serve you well day in and day out and all year round. You will find that satin silk is surprisingly warm in cold weather and gracefully cool in warm weather. This creamy satin silk scarf is beautifully double-layered and crafted on both ends with handmade fringes. Satin silk washes well and is easy to care for. It will last you many, many years. Imported from India. 100% Silk. Sized 8" by 72". Available in Aubergine, Dutch Orange, Red, Black, Off-White, Dark Brown, Grey, Dark Grey and Blue Sapphire. Washable.