Mango Silk Jacquard Hankerchief

Mango Silk Jacquard
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Mango Silk JacquardMango Silk JacquardMango Silk JacquardMango Silk JacquardMango Silk JacquardMango Silk JacquardMango Silk JacquardMango Silk JacquardMango Silk Jacquard
Silk washer
This laundry bag by Royal Silkģ is a safe and effective way to machine wash and protect many types of silks and other fine washables. Washer Bag for silks. Made in USA.
White Silk Jacquard
Sumptuousness and extraordinary quality is what makes these fine high-end Silk Jacquard pocket squares by Royal Silkģ stand out and ignite your senses. Grandiose 34-momme, 6-ply Silk Jacquard. 16Ē Sq. Affordable too.
Product Description
If you thought that all silk pocket squares were made the same, you would be wrong. The size, quality and weight of silk make the all the difference. So this is not the usual lightweight or tiny silk handkerchief you might be used to. Quite the contrary. This voluptuous fourteen-inch white pocket square is crafted in lush, weighty 34-momme Silk Jacquard which radiates with a glow and sheen that is both sublime and majestic, and yet understated. The result is a classic, stately, elegant white silk pocket square fit for a prince or a noble. To be sure, itís incomparable. And by bringing it straight from the silk weavers to you by way of, Royal Silk makes this high-quality, luxurious silk pocket square affordable for you and your friends. Whatís more, itís easy to care for Silk Jacquard. Occasionally it will need to be ironed. It will never need to be dry-cleaned. Itís easy to hand wash and dry but you will probably never need to. In terms of fashion and styling, the folds and poufs you can create with this silk are limited only by your boldness and imagination. We recommend that you show anywhere from one to two and a half inches of the silk when used as a pocket square and you wonít go wrong. Then you will be ready to flip, flop, and fly. Royal Silk has been providing affordable luxury since 1978.