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The Forest and the Trees Necklace by Royal Silk

The Forest and the Trees
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Sensual, enticing Royal Silk® perfume with an extraordinary scent. A scent kissed with the breeze of Imperial Gardens. This 8.8 ml eau de parfum is a roll-on made in USA.
Original Silk Shampoo & Silk Conditioner Set by Royal Silk®
Color-safe, ultra-mild Original Silk Shampoo and ultra-smooth Silk Conditioner by Royal Silk® will enrich your hair with superior results. Soft, smooth like silk for hair like silk. For all hair types.
Product Description
The inspiration for this original, eclectic, and timeless piece of jewelry art comes from the forest and the trees. Here you will find an imaginative mix of pleasing glass beads, soft Rhyolite, polished Conglomerate stone with specks, rounded pieces of precious jade, and brisk details of brass that will mellow with time. Unique, handmade “S” clasp closure with “captured stone” feature. Wearable art, designed and hand-fabricated in New Jersey, USA. 21”.