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Pink Ballet Necklace by Royal Silk

Pink Ballet
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Sensual, enticing Royal Silk® perfume with an extraordinary scent. A scent kissed with the breeze of Imperial Gardens. This 8.8 ml eau de parfum is a roll-on made in USA.
Original Silk Shampoo & Silk Conditioner Set by Royal Silk®
Color-safe, ultra-mild Original Silk Shampoo and ultra-smooth Silk Conditioner by Royal Silk® will enrich your hair with superior results. Soft, smooth like silk for hair like silk. For all hair types.
Product Description
Sensuous one-of-a-kind Royal Silk necklace that is gorgeous, graceful, and glamorous. Featuring fine, handmade pink-white “lampwork” beads with raised swirls that are wondrously looped with beads of pressed and firepolish glass, some opalized, some matte, and some transparent; and interspersed within are sterling silver details and “miracle” beads that glow in low light. Impeccably finished with a handmade hook clasp. Hand-fabricated in the USA. 16”.