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Purple Paisley Silk Scarf

Purple Paisley Silk Scarf
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Purple Paisley Silk ScarfPurple Paisley Silk ScarfPurple Paisley Silk Scarf
Product Description
Remarkably light, weightless printed silk scarves for women with an airy touch that is simply delectable to human skin. The resulting tactile effect is euphoric and blissful. Whisper Silk™ by Royal Silk® is just about the lightest pure silk fabric in the world. According to legend, this type of silk is poetically described as sensual silk fibers woven with invisible wind currents to flow, sway, glide and wrap gracefully. These delightful silk scarves are available in an assortment of classic paisley, floral, arabesque, and calligraphic designs, 100% Silk. Made in India. Hand wash or dry clean or machine wash with use of our made-in-USA laundry bag for silks, purchased separately. Easy wash and care instructions included. Square 38” x 38”