Stripes Noir - Men's Silk Pajama Pants

Stripes Noir - Men's Silk Pajama Pants
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Stripes Noir - Men's Silk Pajama PantsStripes Noir - Men's Silk Pajama Pants
Silk washer
This laundry bag by Royal Silk® is a safe and effective way to machine wash and protect many types of silks and other fine washables. Washer Bag for silks. Made in USA.
Sexy Stripes Noir Silk Boxers
Smart, elegant men’s silk boxers by Royal Silk® styled in an exquisite design of charcoal and black stripes. Slip on this eloquent pair of men’s silk boxers and you’ll know why soft, smooth silk feels so luxurious against the human skin. Sleep in them and you will know how comfort can feel so sublime. There’s nothing really like the touch and feel of silk and that’s why only silk is silk.
Burgundy - Men's Silk Pajama Pants
Fabled Royal Silk Pajama Pants. The Stuff of Dreams. Burgundy color. Soft, light, handsome, elegant and luxurious. Try one, an you’ll feel like you’re on a cloud floating weightlessly. For lounging, reclining, dreaming, or just what-iffing. Go for it.100% Silk. Washable. Affordable.
Product Description
Palatial Stripes Noir Mulberry Silk men’s pajama pants in exquisite hand-loomed, yarn-dyed, woven Madras stripes. Soft, smooth, light, elegant and glorious. Try one on, and you’ll feel like you’re on a smooth flying carpet. For lounging, reclining, dreaming, or just feeling ultra cool. We recommend at least one pair just so you know how the Rajahs lived, and live. With sumptuous details like a silk-worthy waist tie, a generous fly front with pricy mother-of-pearl buttons, two side pockets, a back pocket and meticulous tailoring. Styled in lightweight 50-gm Mulberry silk from Madras that will feel like second skin, only softer, smoother, and silkier. 100% Silk. Waist sizes: S (30-32”), M (33-34”), L (35-36”), XL (37-38”), 2XL (39-40”), and 3XL (41-42”). Recommend hand wash. Or safely machine-wash with our Made-in-USA washer bag for silks, available in two sizes and purchased separately. Available in assorted lightweight Madras stripes. Made in India exclusively for Royal Silk. $89.