Sunflower Stripes Silk Boxers, $39

Sunflower Stripes Silk Boxers
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$39.00, 2/$75.00
Product Description
Stunning men’s silk boxers by Royal Silk® featuring superb golden yellow stripes. Slip on this glowing pair of men’s silk boxers and you’ll know why soft, smooth, sensory silk is the most desirable form of clothing against the human skin. Sleep in them and you will know how comfort can feel so sublime. Basically there is no other touchable fabric like silk and that’s why only silk is silk and so sensational. These woven silk twill boxers are fabricated in a mid-weight silk twill. Waist sizes: S (30-32”), M (33-34”), L (35-36”), XL (37-38”), 2XL (39-40”), and 3XL (41-42”). Full cut lengths, 16.5"-17.75" for sizes S-3XL. Inseam about 5.5" for all sizes. Three-panel construction. 100% Silk. Imported. Hand wash or dry clean. Easy wash instructions included. To machine wash, we recommend our Washer Bag for silks, purchased separately, that comes in two sizes. Silk boxers, $39 ea. or 2/$75.
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Only silk is silk. For over five thousand years, silk clothing, fabrics, and objects have beguiled, bewitched, intrigued, excited,
fascinated, and charmed people around the world. Once only for royalty, the most powerful rulers, and A-list celebrities, silk is now
available to all. What's more is that our silks are surprisingly easy to wash and care for so that they will last for a very long time.